World Music Amsterdam

The whole world under one roof!

At Muziekschool Amsterdam the world is at your feet. Travel in your mind to that little square in Buenos Aires, where fragments of tango music bring you into passionate rapture. Or imagine yourself by a crackling campfire somewhere in the Balkans, listening to shimmering clarinets and melancholy violins under an immense starry sky. Or better yet: play the instruments yourself! Imagine yourself drumming rhythmically on a vast savannah in Africa, or drumming under a palm tree in Cuba. Whichever musical region appeals to you, you'll find it at World Music Amsterdam!

endless possibilities

Our passionate teachers are happy to introduce you to the djembe and the 'tango violin', but it is also possible to play in a Klezmer ensemble or sing in a soul group. Whatever you choose, you will meet many other musicians and gain stage experience in no time.

NEW: wereldbende (7 - 12 years)

Choose your favorite instrument and play together in a band (included in the instrument lesson). As a starting musician you get lessons twice a week; once on your instrument (individual or in a group), and once with your Wereldbende. During your instrumental or voice lessons you will learn technique and theory, and with these tools you can immediately start playing together in your band. Performing is also part of the package, and we perform several times a year on a real stage in Amsterdam! Wereldbende is part of Muziekbende.


Check out below which courses we have for you under our roof!

courses: from exciting rhythms to sultry soul

Curious about our range of world music? We have various Klezmer and Balkan groups on offer, and you can also enjoy playing along in our woodwind ensemble, or drumming with other djembe lovers!

Instrument or singing lessons of the world

A violin lesson drenched in tango sauce, learning the clarinet with a Balkan twist, music lessons in various non-Western music styles: Indicate your choice in the registration form and we will find a suitable teacher for you.

The standard lesson is a duo lesson, but individual and larger group lessons are also possible (higher/lower price). We offer classes suitable for all different ages and levels.