Special education

Made to measure!

In special education, each school has its own specific needs and wishes. At Muziekschool Amsterdam we recognize that working from an existing music method is not always right for students in special education. In collaboration with an interested school, we put together an appropriate range of lessons, whether in special primary education or special secondary education. This is done in close consultation with the classroom teachers at the school. Combining our respective areas of expertise is a prerequisite for developing a successful program.

Emphasis on creating connections

During music lessons, the emphasis is on connecting with the pupils. Successful moments are created by enticing them into musical expressions. Sometimes the expressions are small, but from the vantage point of the students themselves, they are tremendously important. Through this kind of program, a music education makes an essential contribution to the social development and self-esteem of the pupils.


For more information about the musical possibilities of Muziekschool Amsterdam for special education, please contact Otto de Jong, Coordinator Educational Projects at muziekzo@muziekschoolamsterdam.nl.