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Secondary Education

PopZo! for VMBO

Play in a real band! The Muziekschool Amsterdam has developed a curriculum for VMBO students that focuses on playing together. In a real band formation, students are guided by the music teacher. PopZo! is a year-long planned lesson trajectory in which the basic principles of music theory are addressed, where the students get to know various instruments, and which is mainly about playing together. The students get to work right away, playing along with well-known pop songs and eventually creating their own.

Getting started with hubtowers

In the PopZo! program we work with jamhubs and hubtowers. With the help of these hubs, a classroom is transformed into a complete music lab in no time! The mobile band-in-a-box mixes traditional instruments like guitars, keyboards and microphones with iPads, drumpads and editing possibilities. Because the students play with headphones on, PopZo! does not cause any noise pollution, while the band members can hear each other. This way of working allows multiple bands to work in one classroom at the same time.

PopZo! for havo and vwo

PopZo! is also possible for HAVO and VWO. In consultation with the school, we’ll be happy to put together an appropriate course.


Would you like more information about the PopZo! program of Muziekschool Amsterdam? If so, please contact Joachim Bosboom, education coordinator, at joachim.bosboom@muziekschoolamsterdam.nl.