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After school music class

Staying late at school has never been so much fun!

After school, at many different locations around the city, Muziekschool Amsterdam offers children the opportunity to make music, either alone or together. You can choose singing—solo or in a choir or band, or you can choose to play an instrument—pop, funk, rock, classical—in a band or an orchestra. Whatever you might choose, the after-school program is accessible and varied. Quality instruction, talent development, and playing together are central. The program is for children from group 1 to 8.

The Music Square

Children in group 1 and 2 discover the various aspects of making music in a playful manner within the Music Square. Children in group 3 and 4 go a step further, trying out different instruments. From group 5 children can choose an instrument they want to learn. They then receive instrument lessons and start playing in an orchestra or band.

A Music Square at your school?

Does your elementary school want to offer its own Music Square? In cooperation with Muziekschool Amsterdam, it can take place at your own school or a location such as a community center. Offering this is a way to profile yourself as a school that looks beyond the school day, giving children the opportunity to develop in a broader sense as well as musically. It also makes it more likely that children will choose to learn an instrument if the lessons take place in a familiar environment.

More information

If your school is interested in offering after school music lessons with professional teachers from Muziekschool Amsterdam, please contact our After School Activities Coordinator Joachim Bosboom at