Pop Amsterdam

Where you make pop music

Welcome to Pop Amsterdam. Here you'll learn to play electric guitar, drums, piano/keyboards, saxophone, bass guitar and singing. You will also learn songwriting, creating beats on the computer, producing, composing, hip hop and rap, and the music theory behind top 40 hits. Our learning concept is based on having fun while playing together, performing, and developing your talents. That's why you'll play in a band right from the start, perform on a pop stage, and take extra workshops. Pop Amsterdam is all about developing your creativity and talent. You can start from the beginning, and the first lesson is always a trial lesson without obligations. Sign up! We'd love to help you!

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NEW: Popbende (7-12 years)

Choose your favorite instrument and play together in a band (included in the instrument lesson). As a starting musician you get lessons twice a week; once on your instrument (individual or in a group), and once with your Popbende. During your instrumental or voice lessons you will learn technique and theory, and with these tools you can immediately start playing together in your pop band. Performing is also part of the package, and we perform several times a year on a real stage in Amsterdam! Popbende is part of Muziekbende.

Instrumental or voice lessons (all ages)

With our year-long instrumental or voice courses, you can also enroll in additional workshop offerings. Some children learn better on an individual basis and/or don't want to play in a pop band right away, and all preferences are possible. Choose from singing, drumming, bass guitar, piano/ keyboard, electric guitar, saxophone, or trumpet. The standard lesson is a duo lesson, but individual and larger group lessons are also offered for different ages and levels (at different prices).

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Playing together & instrument lessons (12+)

If you are 12 years of age or older, you can join Instrument/Vocals & Band. You will learn to play an instrument and you will immediately join a band!

Band lessons only

Students who want to play in a band without taking instrument lessons (at the music school), can play with us in a pop band. These are separate bands without combined instrument and/or vocal lessons. You can sign up as an instrumentalist (vocals/guitar/bass/drums/keyboards/saxophone/trumpet) or as a whole band.

Pop Academy

This is the talent department of the music school for motivated students aged 9 and up with at least 2 years of lessons behind them. Are you motivated to do more with music than just take lessons? If so, read more on the Pop Academy page. To be admitted to the Pop Academy you must first audition, and Auditions are held each year in June.