MusicLAB Amsterdam

For creative people who like to experiment

MusicLAB is the new curriculum of Muziekschool Amsterdam focused on new ways of making music. A MusicLAB course is always creative and high tech!

Music can be heard everywhere and all the time. And is increasingly being created digitally. With us, you will discover the world of media, performance, and technology. You will learn to develop apps and games, think up how a statue might sound, design music for dance and theater performances, or build and program synthesizers. It’s all possible here.

Do you enjoy exploring how to create music? Do you like experimenting and experiencing by doing? If so, MusicLAB is for you. We offer short workshops and year-long courses, taught by enthusiastic teachers. The program is still under development.

Because we find it important to connect with what you want to learn, we invite you to tell us your ideas and plans. Click here to let us know!

Composer producer

Do you like experimenting with music on the computer? And would you like to keep yourself busy with it every week? If so, our year-long course is just the thing for you.

Short Course, Producer/Compose

This course was created especially for young people who want to learn in a short time how to make music with the help of a computer. Come and experiment and be amazed at what is possible.