Talent Programs

for everyone who loves music

Muziekschool Amsterdam has unique talent programs for highly motivated and talented musicians aged 9 to 20: the Academy.

Do you live for music, and do you have a specific preference for a certain genre, such as classical, jazz or pop?

If you do, participation in one of our special programs might be a perfect choice. After a successful audition you will be welcomed to the academy that fits your musical preference.

You will be taught by the best teachers and musicians to help you realize your musical dreams. You will perform frequently and attend interesting workshops on a variety of topics related to music and music history.


If you are interested in one of these programs, auditions are held every year in June. After witnessing your audition, a jury will decide whether you will be admitted to the program you hope to join.


Academy workshops are organized throughout the year. Students from the various academies, as well as the Excellence students, can apply for these.

To get an idea of the type of workshops we offer, have a look at the program from April 18, 2021 here.

Academie klassiek
For those who like classical and acoustic music

If you’ve been studying classical music for a few years and would like to improve your playing, the Academie Klassiek might be the place for you.

If you are persistent and motivated, your next musical adventure could well start at the Academie Klassiek.


Pop Academy

talent academy for popular music

For motivated students from 9 years of age who’ve had at least 2 years of lessons but want to develop beyond those, the Pop Academy is a great option, offering band coaching, performing, composing & production, and instrumental/vocal lessons.

Jazz Academy

For those who like jazz and improvisation

The Jazz Academy is the place to be for talented Amsterdam jazz enthusiasts. Here you'll dive into the amazing history and infinite possibilities of jazz music. You will work on all the skills you need to play or sing well in combos and Big Bands, and you will develop as an improviser. But above all, the Jazz Academy is fun, serious fun!

Excellence klassiek
For highly talented music students who love classical music

Do you want to get the most out of your music and do you dream of playing in the best amateur orchestras, or studying at the conservatory?

All of that is possible when you join the Excellence Klassiek program.


Once a year, around June, we hold auditions where you can showcase your talent. If our jury is convinced of your musical talent and the effort you are willing to put in to making the best possible music, you will be invited to enroll as a student in one of our academies.

After the summer vacation your musical adventure will begin in September.