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Playing together (all ages)

This is what makes the music school UNIQUE: making music together

Making music on your own is fun, but making music or singing together is even more so. In an orchestra, band, choir, or ensemble, students play and learn from each other. The Muziekschool Amsterdam is a meeting place where you can make music together with others. If you like to perform, that's a good thing, because with us you’ll regularly perform in concert halls, at festivals, and on pop stages. Throughout the city and far beyond, you will share the fun and excitement of performing with your fellow musicians. Even as a beginner you can experience the pleasure of taking lessons in an orchestra or band and performing.


Muziekbende (ages 7-12)

If you start instrumental or vocal lessons at Muziekschool Amsterdam you will have lessons twice a week; one on your instrument (individual or in a group), and one with your Muziekbende. During your instrumental or vocal lessons, you will learn technique and theory, and you can take those skills and start playing in a pop band, choir, jazz group, or orchestra immediately. Performing is also part of the package, and we do this several times a year on a big stage, just like professional artists!

The Muziekbende ensemble groups are part of the instrumental lessons, and are included in the tuition.


In the list below are all the ensemble possibilities at the music school. There’s something for everyone!


Do you enjoy classical music or world music? If so, join an ensemble and play with others. Most ensembles will welcome you if you’ve had two years of instrument or voice lessons, and you can check with your music teacher if you feel ready to join.

From 7+: Bachstraat band, Music breakers junior, Music breakers zuid, the Harperdammers, Wereldbende

From 11+: Harp Ensemble, Klezmagic junior, Music breakers west, Ramo Ramo, Academy/Excellence String Ensemble

From 18+: Woodwind ensemble Zuidenwind, Roman Ensemble, Roman Oro

Jazz ensembles

For jazz lovers, the music school has a number of ensembles. You can join with two years of music lessons behind you, but feel free to ask your music teacher if you’re ready to join sooner.

From 8+: Jazz kidz, Jazz Juniors, Junior jazz experience

From 15+: The Jazz Connectors, The Jazz Vanguards, Jazz Focus Big Band. 


We have several string orchestras to choose from, and you are welcome to join with other musical instruments if you’ve had some years of music lessons already. You can also ask your music teacher if he or she feels you are ready to join.

From 6+: Stoere Strijkers (Super Strings), Junior Orchestra (AJunSo)

From 10+: Golden Angels, Wonderful Music

From 14+: AYSO

Pop bands

Would you like to play in a pop band? With a bit of experience you can opt for Plug and Play.

If you haven’t had experience yet you can join Instrument/Vocal & Band starting at the age of 12. Here you'll learn to play an instrument and you'll join a band right away.

Those 21 and older can join Plug & Play for adults.

Vocal groups

At the music school you can start singing in a vocal group from kindergarten onwards. Whatever you choose, you will enjoy singing and performing together.

Children up to 12 years of age: Amsterdam Boys and Girls Choir, Vocal Easy, Vocalicious, Vocal Wednesday, The Vocalites

Teenagers: Academy vocals, Vocalistas, Vocal Freedom, Vocalirious, Vocalism, The New Church Project


For adults we offer a variety of ensemble playing opportunities in a style that fits your musical preference.

You are welcome to join: Jazz Focus Big Band, Woodwind Ensemble Zuidenwind, Roman Ensemble, The Jazz Connectors, The Jazz Vanguards, Plug & Play: Playing in a band, The New Church Project