Music lessons for the little ones (1 to 6 years)

Take your first musical steps with us

Children love music and movement. During lessons, toddlers and preschoolers experience the joy of making music, and get to know different musical instruments in a playful way.

Shorter and year-long courses

Choosing several courses from our offerings for toddlers gives children the opportunity to progress at their own level. Following a year-long course provides the basis for optimal development.


As a parent you do not have to worry about buying instruments, since we provide the materials and instruments here at the school.

For toddlers

You can start with music lessons from the age of one and a half. As a (grand)parent you will follow the course along with your child and enjoy a musical journey of discovery together.

Music with toddlers 1,5 - 2,5 years
Music with toddlers 2,5 - 3 years

For 4 to 6

Is your child in elementary school? If so, your child may take part in the course independently.

Playing with music, 4 - 6 years  Children discover various characteristics of music in a playful manner. They do this with the help of songs, games, and music related to familiar aspects of childhood.

Preparatory violin, 4 - 6 years  In this course students get acquainted with the violin in a playful way. Together we sing songs, clap rhythms, play musical games, get to know musical notes, and above all learn to play the violin beautifully!

For 6 and 7

Are you in group 3 or 4 and would you like to make music? Come and try out different instruments for a year!

Discover your instrument, 6 & 7 years  Blowing, plucking, bowing, drumming or hitting the keys... Which do you like? Here you will discover a lot of different instruments. You will be taught on a recorder or trumpet, guitar or harp, violin or cello, djembe or darbuka, piano, accordion, or keyboard. By the end of the course, you will know which instrument makes you the happiest!