Klassiek Amsterdam

From your first lesson to the conservatory

Are you a connoisseur of great music? Would you like to play music yourself, or sing in a euphonious voice? If so, Classical Amsterdam is the place for you, where our teachers share their knowledge with patience and a great love for the craft of music making.  Students are encouraged to hone their tastes and preferences through introduction to a wide variety of music. Come to us for your entrée into the world of classical music.

Do You Play or Sing?

If you’ve already decided on the instrument you’d like to learn, you’ll find classes devoted to more than twenty instruments at the music school, so you’re sure to find your favorite among them. If your instrument is your voice, you’ll find an equally diverse selection of singing classes to choose from.

With our open-door policy, you are always welcome to drop by for one of our presentations, which you can peruse on our calendar. You might enjoy a children’s concert, and YouTube videos are a great way to discover an instrument that makes you happy, whether you like high or low tones, string, brass, woodwind, percussion, or keyboard.

Fun in a Group

Lessons are available both solo or in small groups, and after a year of lessons, students are free to play in an ensemble, orchestra, or band, or to sing in a choir. There is nothing more joyous than making music and performing as a group, as anyone part of one will tell you. And there are also a good variety of student orchestras in Amsterdam, which students are invited to join.

New: Klassiekbende (7 to 12 years old)

Choose your favorite instrument and start playing in an orchestra or ensemble, which is included with the instrument lesson. As a beginning musician, you will have lessons twice a week: once on your instrument (individually or in a group), and once with your Klassiekbende. During your instrumental or singing lesson you will learn technique and theory, and with those tools you can join in right away with a choir or orchestra. Performing is also part of the learning, and we give performances several times a year on a real stage! Klassiekbende is part of Muziekbende.

Looking for More?

Unique to Amsterdam, the music school has a special classical department with a program for young, highly motivated, and talented musicians, the Academie Klassiek. If you’ve had music lessons for at least two years and you are motivated to get the most out of your musical talent, let us know and audition.

Playing an Instrument or Singing

Would you like lessons on an instrument or would you like to sing? Whatever your choice, our large team of enthusiastic music teachers is ready to pass on their knowledge and love for the instrument, (voice included) to you. There are classes for children, youth and adults. Several times each year you will have the opportunity to show the world how beautifully you can play.

Lessons are offered Monday to Saturday at all of our five lesson locations throughout the city.

Ensembles & Orchestras

You can join an ensemble after two years of instrument lessons. If you think you’re ready before that, please feel free to ask your teacher. We offer a large number of ensembles and orchestras to choose from, with something to suit every musical preference.

Talent program

Auditions for the talent programs are held every year in June.

If you are taking lessons to help secure a spot in one of our talent programs, Academie Klassiek is ideal for music students wishing to get even more out of their musical talent. The Excellence Klassiek is our 'top sports program' for highly motivated and talented music students.