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Jazz Amsterdam

Where your improvisations will thrill your audience

Do you love jazz like we do? Do you have your own jazz idols? John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Sarah Vaughan, or Benjamin Herman? If so, our Jazz department is your place! Our jazz team works with you on improvisation, timing, interpretation, tone, and technique. You will also meet other jazz musicians and have many opportunities to perform together.

Unique to Amsterdam, the music school has a special jazz department and a program for highly motivated and talented musicians. After a successful audition, you will follow a tailor-made curriculum full of workshops, performances, and instrumental lessons to enhance your abilities.


NEW: jazzbende (7 - 12 years)

Choose your favorite instrument and play together in a band (included in the instrument lesson). As a starting musician you get lessons twice a week; once on your instrument (individual or in a group), and once with your Jazzbende. During your instrumental or voice lessons you will learn technique and theory, and with these tools you can immediately start playing together in your jazz band. Performing is also part of the package, and we perform several times a year on a real stage in Amsterdam! Jazzbende is part of Muziekbende.

Jazz ensembles

You can join an ensemble after two years of instrument lessons. If you feel ready sooner, please ask your teacher if you can play along with an ensemble. Please feel welcome to come and get a taste of the atmosphere.

Music lesson in jazz spheres

Would you like music lessons on an instrument to almost exclusively play jazz music? If so, take a look at what we offer.

Jazz Academy

This is the talent department of the music school for motivated students from the age of 10, with at least 2 years of experience. Are you motivated to do a lot with music? Read more on the Jazz Academy page. Jazz Academy auditions, which are required, take place in June.