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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question for us? Hopefully you'll find the answer below.

Are there any performances? Question
When is the music school closed? Muziekschool Amsterdam is closed during school vacations and national holidays.
How can I reach the teacher? Through the general number at Muziekschool Amsterdam 020 578 73 73 or via
How can I cancel a lesson? Through the general number at Muziekschool Amsterdam 020 578 73 73 or via
When do I know if a course will start?    
Have you signed up for Music Lessons for the Youngest, a course from our Playing Together/Singing Together program, or Special Target Groups program? Courses will take place once there are enough registrations. We therefore wait until shortly before the starting date before sending a message to let you know. At least five working days before the starting date you will hear whether the course will go ahead or whether we must cancel it. If a course is cancelled, we will contact you when another place becomes available, or put you on the list for the next course.
Have you chosen a course in Playing an Instrument or Singing? The course administration will match your lesson day, time, and location to your wishes as closely as possible. If necessary, we will contact you by email or telephone to discuss alternatives. 
How do I cancel my music lesson?  
Are you taking a course from our Music for the Youngest, Short Courses or Special Target Groups program? This type of course ends automatically after a fixed number of lessons, so you do not have to cancel. If you want to take a new course, you must register again.
Have you chosen a course in Playing an Instrument or Singing?

The contract for instrumental or vocal lessons, or for a course in band/choir/ensemble/orchestra is for one course year and will continue automatically. Do you want to stop? If so, you can cancel in writing by sending an email to After the first year you can cancel with a one-month notice period.

If you no longer wish to take lessons beginning in September, please send us an email to cancel prior to June 1st.

In the general terms and conditions, you will find at point 5 all the conditions concerning cancellation.

How much do music lessons cost? Check here to see the tuition fees for all our courses. See also the overview of our discount options for eligiblity.
Can I have a trial lesson? Yes, you can request a free trial lesson. Send an email to and include your name, date of birth, phone number, what you would like a trial lesson in, and at which of our class locations. We will then contact you. 
How do I enroll? See all the information about how to enroll.
Do you offer lessons in my area? The music school has five locations throughout the city, so there is bound to be one in your area.
I don't live in Amsterdam, can I still register? Yes, everyone is welcome at Muziekschool Amsterdam.
Is there also a course for children with disabilities? Yes, Music Circle is our course for children with disabilities.
Are there lessons at my child's school? We give lessons after school hours at a large number of elementary schools in Amsterdam.
How can I support Muziekschool Amsterdam? The music school has a friend’s association called Friends of Muziekschool Amsterdam. Check out the sponsorship opportunities.
Are there any performances? Yes, the students of the Muziekschool Amsterdam are eager to make themselves heard. Keep an eye on our calendar! Each lesson or course includes one or more performances per year.
Can I rent a lesson room?


as a student

Yes, as a student of Muziekschool Amsterdam, you can rent a practice room at prices starting at € 9.

as an independent music teacher As an independent music teacher you can also rent a room, provided that you are a member of Muziekdocentencollectief Amsterdam (MdcA).
How can I rent a musical instrument?

You can rent a harp or accordion from Muziekschool Amsterdam for €225 per school year. If you meet certain requirements, you can borrow a variety of instruments through the Jongeren Cultuur Fonds. You can also rent an instrument from various organizations:

Résonance: violin, viola, cello (
Terpstra-muziek: wind instruments and percussion (
Soundplaza: guitar, bass guitar, keyboard (
Bol & Sanders pianos (
Clavis: pianos (
Saxomania (buy only), saxophones, clarinet, flute ( )
Maas Vioolbouw (buy only),

Can I follow Muziekschool Amsterdam on social media? Yes, you can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter