Events and Projects

Muziekschool Amsterdam is full of activities!

We do much more than offer music lessons. We perform on our own stages and on stages around the city.
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Every year there are a number of moments when we open our doors and want everyone to experience the joy of making music. You are most welcome to join us!

Open Lesson Week

During the open lesson week there are several lessons you can participate in, just like a real music lesson. We organize this twice a year, in September and around the end of January/beginning of February.

Instrument try-out day

This is a big party. At all our locations you can come and try out instruments and meet our teachers. These days usually take place in September, October, February and June.


At Muziekschool Amsterdam highly motivated and talented children and youngsters can participate in one of our talent programs. Classical, jazz, or pop. Once a year auditions are held for places in one of these talent programs, which are unique in Amsterdam. Click here  for more information about the Academies.

Peter Guidi Jazz Marathon

The BIMhuis is where you will meet all our jazz talent during this Jazz Marathon. This happening takes place once a year.