General Terms and Conditions 2021 - 2022 Muziekschool Amsterdam

Please note: The General Terms and Conditions for season 2022-2023 will be updated soon.


1. Applicable Law
Dutch law applies to all legal relationships between Muziekschool Amsterdam and the student paying the tuition. Any disputes related to or arising from the lesson agreement will be submitted for review to the qualified court in Amsterdam. The parties will do their utmost to resolve the dispute together before going to court.

2. Registration
Registration for music lessons is only possible through a completed registration form, preferably completed online. Muziekschool Amsterdam processes applications in order of arrival. We take into account the specified preferences for class days, times, and teacher as much as possible. However, no rights can be derived from this. Registered prospective students will receive confirmation of their registration.

3. Placement

3.1 General

  • If the application form was received before 1 July 2021, the prospective student will be notified about placement before the summer holidays.
  • Prospective students who register after 1 July 2021 will be notified of their placement at the end of August.
  • Only after arrangements have been made about the fixed lesson day and lesson time, and these have been confirmed in writing or orally by the teacher or student administration, is placement confirmed.
  • Although early registration increases the chance of placement, this is not a guarantee. Placement always remains dependent on the available options.

3.2 Year-long courses

  • A course year has 37 teaching weeks and starts simultaneously with the second week of the primary education school year.
  • After this, the lesson agreement is tacitly continued in the following academic year. If the student wants to end the lessons, this must be reported to Muziekschool Amsterdam in writing before June 7, 2022.
  • For early cancellation/termination of lessons, see: article 5.

3.3 Courses shorter than 37 teaching weeks
Students who register for courses shorter than one year, 37 teaching weeks, will be notified by email, at least five working days before the intended start of the course, as to whether or not the course will commence and about their placement.

3.4 Talent Programs

  • Pupils who participate in a multi-year talent program (Academy of Excellence) have a guarantee of placement for the duration of their registration at Muziekschool Amsterdam, if the pupil meets the admission requirements for the next academic year.
  • This guarantee only applies to the relevant program and does not apply to other aspects such as location, teacher, class day, class time, etc.

3.5 Order of Placement 

  • Pupils who are already taking classes at Muziekschool Amsterdam will be given priority over new registrations when they are placed.
  • Please note: priority placement does not mean a placement guarantee.

3.6 Placement List

  • (Prospective) Pupils for whom no spot is available at the start of the academic year will be added to a placement list.
  • If a placement opportunity arises in the course of the school year, Muziekschool Amsterdam will contact the relevant (prospective) student.

4. Tuition Payment

4.1 Payment Method

Payment of tuition fees takes place in one of two ways:

1 Direct debit

Payment by direct debit is possible in two ways:

  • Payment of the full amount in one installment;
  • For courses starting at €190, payment in a maximum of ten (depending on the start date) equal monthly installments.

Muziekschool Amsterdam is authorized to collect the tuition fees automatically until you withdraw the authorization.

2 Invoice

The invoice must be paid within the specified period in its entirety. Payment in installments is not possible with an invoice.

Only one payment method is possible per payer (via direct debit or via an invoice). Muziekschool Amsterdam does not accept cash payments.

4.2 Obligation to Pay

The obligation to pay is for the total course fee. In the event of non-payment or late payment of the course fee, Muziekschool Amsterdam reserves the right to refuse the student access to the lessons. In addition, the claim is handed over to a collection agency. This collection takes place in accordance with the Decree on Reimbursement for Extrajudicial Collection Costs. Any additional costs are the responsibility of the person liable for payment.

5. Cancellation/termination of lessons during the duration of the course
For singing and instrumental classes and for year-long courses that are followed for the first time, an agreement is entered into for one year. If participation in the annual course is extended after that year, cancellation is possible from that moment on, with due observance of a 1 months’ notice period.

  • Cancellation or termination of the lessons during the duration of the course is only possible by sending a written message to the School and Student Administration, Bachstraat 5, 1077 GD Amsterdam or by sending an email to
  • The cancellation or termination will only take effect after the student has received written confirmation of this from Muziekschool Amsterdam, as a rule after fourteen days at the latest.
  • A refund of tuition will only take place under the conditions stated in Article 6.

6. Refunding Tuition
A refund of tuition fees before the period in which a course can be cancelled has expired will take place in the following cases:
a) relocation of the pupil outside Amsterdam (on presentation of a recent extract from the population register);
b) long-term illness of the pupil;
c) lack of the student's skills required for the lesson (termination will take place at the teacher's request, after consultation with parents/pupil);
d) death of the pupil;
In the cases referred to under a) to d), a written request should be sent to or to the School and Student Administration, Bachstraat 5, 1077 GD Amsterdam.
e) Muziekschool Amsterdam guarantees that a year-long course offers 36 lessons. If more lessons have been cancelled due to or because of Muziekschool Amsterdam, tuition fees will be refunded in the amount of 36 lessons minus the number of lessons actually taken.
f) For shorter courses, a refund will be given if more than 1 class is canceled, caused by or on behalf of Muziekschool Amsterdam. Muziekschool Amsterdam strives to keep class cancellations to a minimum by offering replacement classes. For the situations referred to under e) and f) at the end of the course, the tuition fee owed will be automatically recalculated and the lessons not taken will be refunded. Muziekschool Amsterdam uses the bank account on file to pay any refund to the student.

7. Teacher Absence
Muziekschool Amsterdam does everything in its power to guarantee the continuity of the lessons. If, for whatever reason, this does not succeed, or only to a limited extent, no rights can be derived from this other than those referred to in Article 6, under e) and f).

8. Teaching Materials/Learning Aids
The costs of teaching materials and teaching aids are the responsibility of the student.

9. Renting of Instruments
It is possible to a limited extent to rent musical instruments from Muziekschool Amsterdam. The rental fee is payable in advance for a whole year or, in the case of a shorter course, for the duration of the course. Requests for rental instruments will be processed on a first come first serve basis and while supplies last. Application forms for rental instruments can be requested (by telephone) from the Customer Service of Muziekschool Amsterdam, tel. 020-5787373.

10. Discount on Tuition Fee

10.1 Stadspas (City Pass) Discount

Owners of a Stadspas (City Pass) with a green dot are eligible for a discount on tuition fees:
For anyone up to and including 20 years of age: discount of 15% on the rate of an annual course for one child, if this annual rate is € 450 or more; discount of 25% on the total tuition fee for two children from the same family, if the annual fee of each course is € 450 or more; discount of 35% on the total tuition fee for three children from the same family, if the annual fee of each course is € 450 or more. The discount will be granted if a clearly legible copy of the front and back of the student's Stadspas (City Pass) is sent along with the registration.

10.2 Middle-Income Discount

The middle-income discount is available for students aged 4 to 20: students from families with an income between 120% of the minimum income (€31,353 for tax partners and €30,825 for single-person households) to 110% of the average single-person income (€ 40,150 for tax partners as well as for single-person households), can be reimbursed for a part of the tuition. If the aggregate income falls between these income limits, you will receive a 20% discount for a course that costs at least € 450. For verification, the 2020 tax return or income statement must be uploaded or sent along. Please note: the number of times this discount is issued is limited.

10.3 Other discount options

There are other discount options, at the municipality of Amsterdam for example (Scholierenvergoeding), or at the Jongerencultuurfonds (Youth Culture Fund). More information can be found here.

11. Prices

The course rates for the new academic year are determined each academic year in May and announced on the website.

12. Lesson Agreement

  • Registrations/lesson agreements are deemed to have been entered into for the duration of the course.
  • This lesson agreement automatically ends at the end of the course duration. Registration for an instrumental or singing year-long course will be continued tacitly in the following academic year, unless canceled in writing before June 2022.
  • You can cancel by sending an email to or by sending a written message to the School and Student Administration, Bachstraat 5, 1077 GD Amsterdam.
  • If a person liable to pay is suddenly unable to meet his financial obligations due to the corona crisis, an email can be sent to the director via The email must consist of a request for exception, with substantiation, to be able to stop the lessons immediately and request a remission for the remaining payment term(s).

13. Student Absence

Absence of the student must be reported as soon as possible to the Customer Service of Muziekschool Amsterdam, tel. 020-5787373, email In principle, missed lessons cannot be made up. Refunds of lessons not taken will only take place under the conditions stated in Article 6.

14. Changes During the Academic Year

14.1 Change in group size

Changes in group size during the academic year, due to the departure of students, for example, does not affect the rate to be paid by students who continue the lessons. Muziekschool Amsterdam does reserve the right, if possible and after consultation, to place these student(s) in another group, or to shorten the duration of the lesson pro rata.

14.2 Replacement teacher

Muziekschool Amsterdam limits the temporary or permanent replacement of a teacher during the academic year as much as possible. Muziekschool Amsterdam is not obliged to inform students of the reasons for replacing a teacher. A student cannot derive any rights from the replacing of a teacher (cancellation or refund).

15. Lesson progress

The teacher keeps track of the student's progress. At the request of the parents / guardians, an opportunity is given to discuss the content of the lessons and the student's progress.

16. Data processing

Student data and payment obligations are handled in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. See the privacy statement of Muziekschool Amsterdam.

17. Liability

Muziekschool Amsterdam accepts no liability for costs incurred by students due to injury, accident, theft, or destruction during lessons. Exceptions are cases in which legal liability of Muziekschool Amsterdam has been established. Muziekschool Amsterdam accepts no liability for students and visitors to the music school, or for unsolicited goods brought or taken during rehearsals or performances. Damage caused to buildings, inventory, instruments, or materials of Muziekschool Amsterdam will be recovered from the person who caused the damage.