Discover the Muziekschool

For those wishing to begin music lessons

Music lessons can never be started too early, but they can be started or resumed later in life just as successfully. Are you someone with music or singing lessons in your past and a desire to return to them? If so, we invite you to join one of our many ensembles, whether orchestra, band, or choir. Everyone is welcome at Muziekschool Amsterdam, and we offer a variety of discount options to keep our lessons affordable for all.

We are proud of our enthusiastic team of more than one hundred highly-qualified teachers, all of whom have attended the conservatory. Many among them regularly perform on stage.

The music school is a visible presence at all kinds of festivals around the city, both as an organizer and a participant. Our students perform in concert halls, music venues, and at our own lesson locations, where our doors are open wide to welcome you!

Introduction to music

We offer a variety of lessons tailored for the very youngest students, beginning at the age of one and a half. Parents or grandparents can sign up for music lessons along with a toddler.

Starting at pre-school age, your child can begin Playing with Music independently, in a safe environment, with enthusiastic and passionate teachers.

Children aged 6 to 8 have fun trying out all types of musical instruments during our course Discover your instrument, finding their favorite, or favorites, through hands-on experimentation.

Learn to play an instrument or sing

Our diverse lessons include more 20 twenty instruments to choose from, in addition to singing.

New: Muziekbende (7 to 12 years old)

During  the 2021-2022 season, students between the ages of 7 and 12 years old will receive lessons in band, orchestra, choir, or ensemble in addition to their instrument lessons through Muziekbende. These lessons are automatically included.

Playing, singing and performing together

Beginning at the age of 8, students can immediately start playing and performing in an orchestra or band with us, even if they’ve never yet held an instrument or sung a note.

Those who already have some musical experience can choose to play and sing together with fellow musicians according to their musical preference and instrument.

We look forward to hearing your music! Not only is there an abundance of performing opportunities and locales both in and outside of Amsterdam, we also perform abroad.

Talent programs

Are you someone who has already invested years in music or singing lessons and you want more? If you dream of going to the conservatory or playing in one of the very best amateur orchestras, the music school can offer a great opportunity: that of participating in one of our talent programs. Following a successful audition you will find yourself in the spotlight, where we will help you realize your musical dream.