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Toddlers playing with music instruments (age 2,5 - 3 incl)

Leeftijd Aantal lessen Start van de cursus Cursusprijs Locatie Beschikbaarheid
2, 3 16 lessen September 2020 € 180,- (16 weken, 50 minuten) Muziekschool Zuid

Enjoy the fun of making music

In this training, we make toddlers familiar with music instruments such as guitar, violin, djembé, keyboard, recorder, carillon, boom whackers and a range of small percussion instruments! The children may try out the instruments and experience their sounds and possibilities. Imagination plays a prominent role. The idea is not to actually teach the toddlers to play the instruments. There is also lots of singing, dancing and movement. Each child will be accompanied by one parent or guardian.


Course in Dutch 

This course, including the songs, is given in Dutch. To participate in this course, some knowledge of the Dutch language is required.

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