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Finding your music instrument (age 6 - 8)

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6, 7, 8 37 lessen week of august 31, 2020 € 418,- (37 weken, 60 minuten) als je later instroomt, betaal je minder Muziekschool IJburg, Muziekschool Zuid, Muziekschool C/O, Muziekschool Osdorp

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Experience various instruments

You're in primary schoolgroup 3 or 4 and you know one thing for sure: you have always wanted to have music lessons. But what instrument? If you find it difficult to choose, these lessons are for you… In this course you will discover what you like about the individual instruments. You will experience various key instruments, string instruments, wind instruments, and percussion instruments from the classical music, pop and world music.

never a dull lesson

Every lesson consists of two parts. In the general part you will sing, listen and play together with your teacher. Do you find it difficult to keep your feet still during a swinging beat? Based on songs, games and assignments your musical ears will be stimulated further. Your sense of pulse, timing and rhythm will be developed further, you will learn about pitch, melody and harmony, and we will together unravel the secret code of musical notes.

During the second part of the lesson you will learn how to play an instrument, within a small group of up to six children. The six-month period is divided into blocks, and during each block you will be introduced to another instrument. In roughly 6 sessions a musical instrument teacher will take you through the first steps of playing that particular instrument. You will be surprised how soon you will already be able to play along with (a part of) a song. And you will want us to hear it! That is why we conclude every block with a concert for your parents.

getting to know a range of instruments

We strive to introduce you in any event to the five different ways of playing music, in a matter of two six-month courses. These are: playing by using your breath (recorder or trumpet), pizzicato / strumming (guitar or harp), using a bow (violin or cello), percussion (djembe or goblet drum), and keys (piano or keyboard). This is your way to find out which playing technique suits you best, and especially how much fun it is to make music together. After all, making music together, that is what it is all about!

N.B. this course is given in Dutch.

Every group has its own teamleader, instrumental lessons are given by specialized teachers.

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